Design Thinking Ideas for Startup Founders to Steal

Design Thinking Team

I’m invited to speak about design thinking at Startup Next on 10-11 October in Sofia. Design thinking is a methodology for developing innovative, yet desirable solutions. A lot of companies in various industries, the public sector, and many startups use it. A few use it extremely well and succeed to create amazing new products, services and digital experiences. What are the ingredients of their successes?

There are three critical elements for design thinking to work – PROCESS, TEAM and SPACE. At the conference I’ll be speaking about the process of design thinking – how is it different from what most startups currently do and how it can help them speed up and focus. The design thinking process is seen by many as the most important element, but team and space are indispensable too. As the conference is fast approaching, I’d like to share with you, in a few short posts, why is that and what to watch out for when you build your team and space.

Design Thinking Ideas for startup founders #1: TEAM – Read the full article on

Posted September 29, 2014 in: speakers by Elina Zheleva

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