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Ivelina Manova

Nowadays everything happens online. Even if you are not creating any tech product, if you see yourself as a non-IT entrepreneur, you gotta put yourself up there and know how to market yourself. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube – you have to have it all and look good in it, you have to make the social media works for you. However, branding yourself is not so easy and many times we only fool ourselves we have done a great job of it. Do our customers think the same?

Ivelina Manova knows how to do it the best way possible.

Ivelina Manova simply LOOOVES Google.

She does not wear a t-shirt like the I (heart) NY ones but you can tell she sure loves what she does if you meet her. And she is very good at it!


She is one of these people who makes things happen. When you see her, you see her warm and welcoming smile, but she is not just a pretty face. Ivelina is a certified Google AdWords & Google Analytics expert and trainer. With her extensive experience in the internet advertisement and web analysis sphere, 2 partners and a great deal of enthusiasm she co-founded AdAcademy in 2013. They offer Google AdWords advertising, Google analytics tracking and (SEO) optimization, mobile campaigns. AdAcademy is a successfully run start-up, which is now working with the big media companies on the Bulgarian market as well as with some well-developed international clients. Over 500 people have been through their trainings organized in partnership with Google Engage for Agencies.

Believe it or not, Ivelina admits having fun learning and teaching about numbers and analytics, she loves talking about Remarketing, Tracking of Events, Filters, Ads Campaign measuring with utm tagging and Google AdWords.

Don`t worry if you haven`t heard about half of these – Ivelina will help you get there!

What`s in it for you?

With 95% of the start-ups failing you better learn how to create a winning image for yourself. Tap yourself on the shoulder for the courage you have to risk and dive into the entrepreneurship deep water and start learning how to be one of the good ones. Ivelina definitely has things to tell you so you gotta be there and make a difference in your start-up community. We welcome you to join us on 10th and 11th October at the StartUp Conference NEXT 2014!

Posted October 09, 2014 in: news, speakers by Evelina Prodanova

  1. I think she is one great person who will help many online business achieve and exceed their online marketing plans.

    Krastyo, October 9, 2014 at 7:53 pm