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It sure wasn’t easy for Jordan Schlipf to escape an early career in corporate finance. Yet he managed: only to become an awesome tech and consumer product entrepreneur, for which the world will be ever so thankful.

Jordan is one of many intriguing speakers that will join the show for this year’s StartUP Conference Next 2014. He will give us his take on growth hacking, which is definitely something to look forward to.

So let’s get to know…


Who is Jordan Schlipf?

Having already founded four companies, Jordan is certainly not a stranger to entrepreneurship. The solid facts: he has a Master of Engineering degree from Oxford University and is an alumnus of Springboard Mobile, the UK-based investment capital and accelerator programme.

And he is putting all his knowledge into practice quite well. He is one of the cofounders of Founder Centric, along with Salim Virani, Devin Hunt and Rob Fitzpatrick, who will all delight us at StartUP Conference Next in less than 10 days in Sofia. The star team is dedicated to lift startups off the ground with tools like The Mom Test and Braintrust, as well as with their sound knowledge in creating and developing companies.

Besides Founder Centric, in Jordan’s recent entrepreneurial history you can also find a pushchair company and a US-based female cosmetic company. Apparently he digs a wide diversity of fields to enrich his business experience. Also, his record boasts obtaining seed capital from both VCs and angels. You do the math.


And what is he up to now?

Well, besides being a mentor and instructor at Founder Centric, Jordan is fond of sharing his knowledge with diverse audiences around the world. Recently the Founder Centric team was in Sudan telling about lean startup to companies there.

Along with some of the other Founder Centric guys, he has designed and delivered the Oxford University’s MBA in Entrepreneurship Curriculum. He’s been doing the same for other courses such as the Startup MBA.

Jordan is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with #1seed, a London-based early stage tech startup investor that is helping startups on the way “from idea to exit.” Let’s not forget his role as an EIR at University College London too.

Some of the best words of wisdom coming from Jordan relate to the attitude one should have as a startup founder. He advises budding entrepreneurs to learn as much as they can from all business fields, to aim for teams that have diverse sets of skills, so they complement each other, and not to forget to actually ask customers for feedback – to know what they really want.

On the personal side, Jordan is the kind of guy who dreams about more hours in the day and often shares his wish for it.


Keen on meeting Jordan?

If you’re interested in hearing more from Jordan’s heroic startup past and bright growth hacking insights, join us at the StartUP Conference Next 2014.

Tickets on sale

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