Lyuben Belov – Pioneer, Entrepreneur and a Constant Believer

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Lyuben Belov is one of the true pioneers of the Bulgarian Internet business and the local startup ecosystem. In 1998 he co-founded Net Info and served as CEO through 2007 when the company was sold to Sanoma Magazines International. Net Info was the fastest growing digital group in Bulgaria –,,,,

In 2012 Lyuben co- founded (together with Todor Breshkov) LAUNCHub and has since been serving as the Fund’s Managing Partner. Since then, Lyuben has also been an active angel investor in several companies in the digital sector.

When talking to Lyuben you will find out that there are five main spheres challenging the modern world and awaiting their big moment to change the lives of millions for the better. As one of the founders of the modern Bulgarian investment and technology innovation scenes, Lyuben believes that the new entrepreneurs should be striving to find the best cross points between technology on the one hand and entertainment, education, health and developers tools on the other. All these are big areas, generating a major business portion in most of the major economies. Taking a deep glance inside, Lyuben is looking for entrepreneurs who can see that these sectors are longing for reforms that will take them to modern realities and demands where innovation is lagging behind and needed fast. And teams need to be fast.

When it comes to technology and innovation, Lyuben makes a real interesting parallel between the times when Internet first came to the region, Bulgaria precisely, in the late 90’s and today’s bitcoin reality. The Internet at that time was perceived and used as a simple means of communication, sending out mails and reaching out to people. Fifteen years later our lives are completely tied to the Internet in different ways with everything we face. To Lyuben, the same thing is happening with bitcoin, it is a lot more than a new form of currency or means of payment. It’s a challenge with a unique technology behind it. For the first time we are missing a centralized authority governing the process. And there are so many areas that this technology can spread out to. That’s the future and you need to think ahead to see it, just as Lyuben looks ahead into the future. His challenges rest in what the future will bring not in the present moment.

Lyuben believes in the engineer talent in Bulgaria and the SEE region. The region has become attractive for investors though yet we need to see more of them stepping in. The more we get, the more flexible local teams will become. He strongly encourages startup teams to address global markets, create global products and solutions that can change the lives of millions and most important of all, to stay close to their markets and clients. In his wildest dreams, Lyuben believes and wants to see the next big startup to grow out of our ecosystem, this could be the next Skype or anyone in the entertainment industry. Nothing is impossible and Lyuben is looking ahead to these times, hopefully, to happen really soon.

In addition to managing LAUNCHub, Lyuben is a true entrepreneur, constant believer and a proud father of his seven-year old son. In his free time Lyuben enjoys reading and setting new records as a passionate runner. Don’t miss Lyuben Belov at this year’s edition of the SatrtUp NEXT Conference 2014!

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