Salim Virani, The Lean Startup Advocate


Salim calls himself an enterprenerd.

In 2010 he created Leancamp – an event format which brings multiple industries together around entrepreneurial and design methods to help businesses find unmet needs and get to market faster. Now Leancamp runs across two continents.

He has also founded 5 startups and ironically enough it turns out his early successes generate the funding for his later failures.

Village Accelerator, his latest project strives to empower some of the world’s poorest and make them tech founders.

Salim is also one of the forces behind Founder Centric,  together with Rob Fitzpatrick, Devin Hunt and Jordan Schlipf (all will be speaking at StartUP Conference NEXT 2014). The fantastic four designs programs and teaches top tier education institutions like Oxford University and Seedcamp to mention few.

Salim spoke last year at StartUP NEXT where he talked about the seven areas where startup founders are most likely to fail when starting.

You can watch his lecture here:

“Good Ideas Combined Often Become Bad Ideas.”

– Salim Virani.


Salim will be speaking at StartUP Conference NEXT 2014 agian. His lecture will be focused on Product Development.

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