Say Hi to Devin Hunt


Oldschool glasses, an impressive beard and knit sweaters. Plus a solid startup background.

What stands behind them is another quite important serial entrepreneur with inspiring experience as a designer and startup educator.

Meet Devin Hunt, and meet him in the very literal sense quite soon, as he is joining us at this year’s StartUP Conference Next 2014.

Devin will share his insights in growth hacking and product design for startups, or pretty much his most favorite startup topics in the world.


Who is Devin Hunt?

As a 2007 Y Combinator alumnus, a lot can be expected from Devin Hunt. And he certainly doesn’t fail to deliver.

Let’s cover the basics first. Devin is currently a partner in Founder Centric, which provides startup education and has worked with, say, Oxford University and Seedcamp. Founder Centric nourishes budding companies with insights into Lean startups, Business Model Design, Customer Development and Design & UX, among others. Along with Salim Virani, Rob Fitzpatrick and Jordan Schlipf, Devin helps startups, accelerators and educational institutions develop their products and companies.

Besides coaching startups, Devin is also a co-founder at Lyst, a London-based fashion social commerce site with a techy aftertaste.


What’s so hot about him then?

Well, besides the fact that he is a genius startup brain, Devin also shares his knowledge and experience generously. He often gives lectures and coaches startups, advising them about financing, product development and growth.

Devin’s superpower is definitely his affinity for design, which is a signature approach visible throughout his projects. He is into UX design and, naturally, product design. A big strength of his is also making projects come to life, which is of great help and has brought inspiration to many a startup.

When it comes to product design, Devin has some great ideas that are tightly linked to the user-centric approach. In his coaching of startups, he brings the focus on the in-depth understanding of who the potential consumer is. All further product decisions should be taken on this basis, so that the user gets maximum value out of the product.

Random fact: If you’re not a startup in need of coaching, you can meet Devin roaming on a bike. Just recently he biked from Paris to London to raise money for a charity.


Fancy meeting Devin?

Inspired to hear Devin’s insights? Join us at the StartUP Conference Next 2014.

Get your tickets now:

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