StartUP to Partner with Rails Girls

Rails Girls

We will be partnering with Rails Girls Sofia for StartUP Conference NEXT. Besides the Growth Hacking theme, this year at the conference we will be organizing Women in Tech discussion. Rails Girls empowers women to do more by getting essential coding skills. At the conference we empower women to be leaders and start their own business. We all know there’s problem, at the conference we want to stress on the solution and encourage the startup girls

Rails Girls is a free two-day workshop, focuses on ladies with zero or minimal programming experience and technology.

The main goal is to show you that programming is fun, interesting, exciting and very useful skill that can help the girls create their first web application in a pleasant atmosphere under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Rails Girls happened for the first time at the end of 2010 in Finland, as a single workshop, targeted at women, however, the interest appeared to be huge and the idea quickly slipped over the world. Now there are events in cities all over the world.. The actual number is several hundred such events worldwide.

The registration for the event is closed. But good news is that some of the girls will receive free tickets to the Startup Conference NEXT 2014 on 10-11 October in Sofia.


Posted October 04, 2014 in: news by Stani Milev

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